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On hold in term 1, 2024. Sorry.

Letting kids be kids

Due to changes in my kid’s activities and logistics, the time for Kids Run Club just doesn’t fit in. I’m very sad about this since Kids Rub Club has been a weekly highlight for the last 2 years, but I hope you understand.

Welcome to the Kids Run Club

Kids love to run. They love to move, jump, twist, bend, hop, balance, sprint, climb, play…you get the idea?? You name it, kids are all about movement.

We’ve got a group that your kids would love to be part of…the Kids Run Club. Yes, running is at the heart of what the group does, and so is having fun in the park, through an obstacle course, jumping things, balancing on logs, racing up a hill, dodging trees and more. The kids won’t even realise they were running, but they will remember that they were having fun…not to mention developing great skills, and being fit and active.

Who wouldn’t want a part of that??


Brings the kids along after you've done your own Parkrun...that means everyone can get their run done each Saturday!!


Details About Our Runs

When: 9am each Saturday morning. Finish by about 9:50am

Where: Collingwood Athletics Track, Heidelberg Rd, Clifton Hill (map link)

Who: Any school age kids are welcome, of any ability or speed.

What: We’ll cover 2-3km or so of running and walking, and have fun along the way!

How: We will organise the kids into sub-groups so that they are matched with similar kids while we go running and do activities at the track and in the nearby park. We will measure the session based on fun, not how far we ran.

Cost: $zero. We think it’s more important that kids enjoy being active than to let cost get in the way.

How to join in

All kids need to be registered on Team App (click this link then click +JOIN at the top to register your child/children).

Note - you need to add yourself and your child(ren) and link them as Guardian<>Child.

We will use Team App as our key method for communication, so please register and download the app from here.

Then just come along on any Saturday to join in!!

Children's Race

What to expect

Here's what will happen during our Kids Run Club sessions...

  1. Upon arrival, we will check-in to say hello, see who is here - kids and parents - and talk about the plan for the morning; each week is different.

  2. We head off into the nearby parks and paths, stopping to throw stones into Merri Ck, climb trees, play hide-and-seek, do some challenges, play at playgrounds, do obstacle courses and more!!

  3. The activities will be achievable and fun, and we'll combine kids in groups as much as possible.

  4. Some weeks we will stay at the athletics track for some relays and other fun events.

  5. Parents are welcome to join the groups as well.

  6. The session will last about 45-50min.

Even if it's wet, Kids Run Club is still on...we play around in the clubrooms. So don't be put off by the weather!!


After your third session each kid will get a FREE bandanna!!

T-shirts are for sale at $40 each.

Meet the coach

Campbell Maffett

Primary School Teacher (PE, Art, Classroom, Special Ed)

World Athletics Level 3 Coach

Athletics Australia Level 2 Advanced Recreational Running Coach

Triathlon Australia Performance Coach (Level 2)

Father of 2 kids, aged 9 & 11

Run Club for Grown Ups

Running is not just for the kids!! If you're a grown up who likes running, you might like the Love the Run group to join in with!!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us.  |  Tel: 0438 335 368

Thanks for submitting!

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